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Tunbridge Wells Monopoly Board Game

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  • Monopoly, the great property trading board game finds its home in the picturesque spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells: the jewel of Kent. Journey around the gameboard and explore landmarks including: Spa Valley Railway, High Rocks and the Town Hall. Dont forget to stop off for some refreshments en route at Royal Victoria Place or the Pantiles. You can further relax with a spa date at The Spa Hotel or take in some culture at the Trinity Theatre. The worlds favourite family board game brings you another exciting Monopoly ; Royal Tunbridge Wells edition. Choose your favourite token, tour the beautiful sights of Royal Tunbridge Wells, including the splendid calverley grounds and the Tunbridge Wells cricket club at the nevill ground, and accumulate fortunes, but watch out for taxes, jail and bankruptcy. Advance to the Tunbridge Wells museum, G. Collins & Sons, or even Tunbridge Wells F. C. – will you owe rent or reap the rewards; The fast-dealing property trading game is fun for the whole family. For ages 8 years and over. 2 year manufacturers guarantee. WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Only for domestic use.
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Tunbridge Wells Monopoly Board Game is currently on sale at argos.co.uk for just £29.99. To give you an idea of how that fares against other similar products, we’ve run a little comparison. For example you can expect to pay £22.32 on average for a product in the Board games category. The most expensive product in this category is £129.99, whereas the cheapest product available in the same category is £16.99.


The other element that’s worth comparing is the prices charged for products from Monopoly. There are a total of 26 products available at argos.co.uk, but specifically in the Board games category there are 25 products from Monopoly. The average price of a product from Monopoly is £27.99, with the cheapest coming in at £16.99 and most expensive currently available at £29.99.

Having had a quick look into some of the key stats for the price of Tunbridge Wells Monopoly Board Game, it’s easy to understand how it achieved it’s great price score of 8.8 out of 10. This is particularly clear because its such a great price for a product from a high end brand like Monopoly.


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As we’ve said right at the start of this review, the most credible and important reviewer of a product like Tunbridge Wells Monopoly Board Game, is you, the customer. So we’ve pulled together some of the key customer reviews across the internet to find the retailer that provides you with the best most detailed customer reviews. As you can imagine the best reviews are most typically available from the major retailers, as they get the most volume of sales. Once you’ve clicked on the “see customer reviews” button, take your time to read plenty of them, you’ll find that there’s lots of great reviews which is why we’ve scored Tunbridge Wells Monopoly Board Game 8.1 out of 10 for it’s Review Score.

When developing our overall score for a product, we take into account a number of factors, from it’s quality, price, features and reviews to give you an overall idea of how the product compares to the competition. For Tunbridge Wells Monopoly Board Game we’ve given it an overall score of 8.7 out of 10, which makes it right up there with the very best in the Board games category. Whilst conducting our scan of customer reviews for Tunbridge Wells Monopoly Board Game, we also grab the price of the product, so that we’re able to provide a price comparison. In our most recent search we found that the cheapest retailer selling Tunbridge Wells Monopoly Board Game was argos.co.uk, selling it at just £29.99.

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There are 26 Monopoly products, and 403 Board games available from argos.co.uk so you’re probably here because like many others, you’re overwhelmed with choice. There’s just too much to choose from and we need to read reviews in order to understand if Tunbridge Wells Monopoly Board Game is as good as the retailers and manufacturers claim it is. There are plenty of alternatives to choose from if you do decide that Tunbridge Wells Monopoly Board Game isn’t right for you, so take your time before committing to buy and spend some time comparing the features as well as the price of some of the alternatives.

One of the other really great ways to get a better understanding of how good a product is, particularly with Board games, is to watch a view video reviews on YouTube. Make sure you watch videos by genuine customers though, as sometimes reviews are conducted by the retailer themselves or by YouTubers that have been provided the product for free in order to provide a review, which of course is going to bias their opinion. We’ve given a YouTube video below for Tunbridge Wells Monopoly Board Game which you may find useful, and you can can also find more pictures too using Google.

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